Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memphis vs. Tennessee

For anyone who follows college basketball, you know that this weekend there was an exciting game in Memphis. The number 1 University of Memphis Tigers played the number 2 Tennessee Vols. We had our Sunday School class over to watch the game. There was lots of cheering and lots of food. Then when the game was over, there was lots of crying. Even though the game did not end like we wanted, a good time was had by all. Note the redneck door decor that Fred created. He thought that he would make Dan proud with that one. :-)

Fred's Birthday

We had a little get together on Friday night for Fred's birthday. The party was a week and a half early because that was when everyone ( except Dan, Tami and Zeke) could be here. We had a good dinner of roast, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits, and hot fudge cake. If you are a Shackelford, or have ever eaten at a Shackelford birthday dinner, you are probably acquainted with the menu. It was a fun evening and Fred got lots of good presents. Dan sent him a book and we got a picture of him opening it. Dan, Tami, and Zeke - you were very missed.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Tigers Go

Yesterday FredIII, Fred IV, Tori, and Clayton went to a tigers game. It was Clayton's first college game. He really enjoyed it, especially after they added the M&M game to it. This involved him getting a certain number of M&Ms for each type of point that the tigers scored. Afterward they ( along with Jennifer, Jack, and Lee) came over and we grilled burgers. It was a fun evening. I was not ready for them to leave. I did not get enough Clayton and Jack time. But then, I don't think I ever could.