Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome Baby Rheagan

Tonight we had a combination Sunday School gettogether and baby shower for Kevin and Kimberly. We played games - in one the guys had to eat baby food and then guess what it was. Kevin said that he wasn't going to make Rheagan eat that nasty stuff. They were all pretty much in agreement. We grilled out and watched basketball ( what else). It was a fun relaxing time with good friends. Rheagan got some pretty cool stuff too.

Happy Birthday Lee

Friday night we gave a surprise party for Lee's 27th birthday. Both families and several friends were here to share in the fun. He says that he is now a little worried at how easily and how well Tori ( and everyone else) seems to lie. I think everyone had a good time - I know that I did!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun at Preschool

Sunday night Poco and I went to Paris, TN and spent the night with Fred, Jennifer, Clayton, and Jack. Monday I went to preschool with Clayton and met his teacher and friends. The highlight of the morning was when he earned a pin by quoting the 23rd Psalm. I was so impressed. We went to Walmart, and Jennifer bought Clayton a helmet for Tball. I hope he can get it off of Jack long enough to play. :-) Lunch was at McDonald's. A few of his school friends were also there, and they had a good time in the play area. It was one of those days that makes me especially thankful to be a grandmother.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs!

Last night Jennifer brought the boys and they spent the night. Lee and Tori spent the night also. Liz and Zach came over for dinner and stayed for a good while. We had a blast dying eggs. Everyone got in on the act, and the eggs were beautiful.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Friends the Witts

Tonight we went to visit with our good friends Mike and Kathy Witt. We have been friends with the Witts for close to 30 years. They were keeping 2 of their grandchildren, so we had a good time playing with Shelby and Reid. It just seems like yesterday that our kids were playing together. What fun times they had - clubhouses, weddings (Bride - Liz; Groom - Daniel; Preacher: Jeff; Best Man - Fred and Dan made a real cute flower girl), shows put on by Daniel, Liz and Tori ( I believe the group was called God's Choice - or something like that) Where did the years go? I am so thankful for friendships like ours and the memories we share. And now we can share our grandchildren. God is so wonderful to bring such special people into our lives - it is one of those extraordinary bonds that will last forever.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Let it Snow,Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

We have snow in Memphis! The last time there was a significant snowfall in Memphis was two years ago, and it started snowing that year just as our plane took off for Florida. It melted before we got home. If you are from the South you know that a snow day is an official holiday. Everybody goes to the grocery store and stocks up on junk food. You then go home and make soup and cookies. It is the perfect time to stay home and curl up with a movie, and that is just what we did. We rented " The Game Plan " on pay per view and enjoyed being couch potatoes for the evening. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening. Here are a few pictures of the snow. They don't rival the pictures of snow in Central Asia on Dan and Tami's blog, but the snow is still pretty.

I was a bad kid.. When I was little, I remember telling people that I was born two days before my mom and dad got married. Of course that mortified my mom. She was quick to point out that their anniversary was two days after my birthday and they were actually married three years before.

Anyway, I guess I'm still kinda bad. You see, the anniversy of just about the best marriage I've ever seen, almost past before I remembered it. Luckily I remebered Late Wednesday and called Mom to wish her a happy one. As most, of you who read this blog know, Dad passed awayalmost 5 years ago, but the he left a lasting legacy of love to Mom. He loved her faithfully for fifty four years before he died and I know he loves her still, as she does him. Happy Anniversary Mom!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Go Diego Go

This weekend Tori and I took Clayton to see Go Diego Go Live at the Orpheum. It was the coolest show. We were entertained by Diego, Dora, Baby Jaguar, and the Bobo Monkey's. It really was a good show and Clayton really enjoyed it. Tori and I were talking about how things always seem bigger and better when you are a little kid ( like the Enchanted Forest). We were wondering just how awesome the show yesterday was to Clayton, because it was really cool to us grownups. After the show we met up with Fred, Lee, Liz and Zach for dinner and visited at our house afterwards. It was a really fun day.