Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He's not a dog?

Well, this is a post about Poco who is a member of our family. Poco is a yorkshire terrior who has been around for nearly 5 years. Clayton and Jack love him and the feeling is mutual. Clayton once introduced him to my dad with, " Grandad, have you met my friend Poco?" The other day a dog ran too close to Jack and he said ( in his cute 2 year old voice) " I not like dogs." His dad ( my son, Fred) said," Yes, you do. You like Poco. He's a dog." Jack looked at him like he was the silliest person alive and said ( again in his cute voice), " No he not. He not a dog." Fred asked him what Poco was if he wasn't a dog. Jack said, " He's Poco." It just goes to show that when you really love someone, it doesn't matter what they are or what they look like - you won't notice how different they are. They will just be Poco - or whoever that is to you.


Fred said...

At the risk of squabbling about the details, I must give credit to his Mimi for initiating the conversation. I did ask him what he thought Poco was if not a dog. Thanks for posting the story, Mom. I hadn't thought about the application you added there. (Maybe a sermon illustration...)

Corey and Melody Cain said...

What a sweet story!