Monday, March 30, 2009

Lee's Birthday

Clayton loves his Pawpaw! The feeling is mutual.
Landon ( Lee's nephew) wanted some cake!

Party crowd!

Jack wanted to make Uncle Lee's cake.

Jack loves to help with the cooking!

Fred and Jennifer came down on Thursday to spend the last bit if Clayton's spring break with us. Thursday was also Lee's birthday. We watched Memphis play ball ( very sad) Thursday night, visited friends Friday night, and on Saturday we had a party for Lee at his mom and dad's house. It was a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Awww... it looks like SO much fun. I hate that we couldn't be there! Next year! We love you guys!

erin said...

Hello! Thank you so much for your comment. And I know two of your children, Tori and Elizabeth, from Union! Crazy small world!